Marmot Ointment
Original Röck Marmot Ointment

Marmot Ointment is an ever-popular home remedy for skin care. It is also good as a liniment for massaging away your body’s stresses and strains after strenuous physical activity.

Available in: 100ml, 250ml

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The Original Röck Marmot Ointment –
The time-honoured household remedy

The marmot has long played an important role in the alpine landscape. Its fat is prized as a popular liniment, especially due to its unique physicochemical properties.

According to centuries of traditional lore, this marmot ointment has been a tried and trusted household skin remedy throughout history. It is also good for massaging away your body’s stresses and strains after strenuous physical activity and for short massages.

Murmeltier Salbe

Also available with No Paraffins or Parabens (NoPP) –
The Original Röck Marmot Ointment NoPP

For our customers who prefer using cosmetics without paraffins and parabens, we also offer our soothing and popular Original Röck Marmot Ointment without these additives. 

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My skin has always been very dry and rough during the winter. But thanks to your Mountain Pine Skin Salve, my hands and feet are silky smooth again.

Someone recommended your Marmot Ointment to me and I now use it regularly to relieve my back pain.

Your new teas taste wonderful. I’m going to put one of your teas in everyone’s “nest” at Easter. I can hardly wait for Easter!

My absolute favourite is the Wild Rose Face Cream. My skin tolerates it really well and it smells sooo lovely. Im already all Rosey ;)

I felt pain in my right knee for months. But ever since I’ve been using the Marmot Ointment, the pain is gone. Absolutely fantastic!!!!

My back feels so much better since I’ve been using the Marmot Ointment. Thank you so much. A wonderful product.

I have been using Röcks Marmot Ointment for years now and I can recommend this product to anyone.

For years, I’ve been buying your fantastic products whenever I’m on holiday in Zell am See. Now I would like to send a big thank you to the wonderful team at Röck.

Just wanted to thank you very much for your quick delivery. The Marmot Ointment is simply fantastic. A dream!

I cannot believe that the Marmot Ointment helped me so fast. I was already out jogging again today! Thank you, my dear Röck Team!