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People have been using arnica as a natural pain reliever for many centuries. For back, joint and muscle pain, for example. But in fact, arnica is a universal plant with diverse powers, which are also good for soothing stressed skin. Buy the Original Röck Arnica Balm, so you too can enjoy the many superlative properties the arnica plant has to offer. These properties have been pharmacologically proven to be effective for a wide range of ailments, e.g. as an anti-inflammatory, as an antiseptic and even as a circulatory aid.


Popular uses for our Arnica Balm:


  • For dry skin
  • For skin irritations
  • During and after exercise


Nurtures dry and stressed skin

And if you add the Original Röck Arnica Balm to your shopping cart now, you’ll also be doing something exceptionally good for your skin. Because this balm also nurtures dry and extremely stressed skin. For example, after a sunburn. It makes skin smooth and supple, leaving it feeling wonderful.


Skin-friendly, also when used regularly

Apply a thin layer of balm to the affected areas several times a day as needed, massaging it into your skin with gentle circular movements. Your skin quickly absorbs the Original Röck Arnica Balm. Its positive effects are felt very quickly and, with regular use, it is also very compatible with older skin.

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Weight 88 g

47 reviews for Original Röck Arnika Balsam

  1. Ursula Hauser (verified owner)

    Wir sind sehr zufrieden, alles geht schnell, bei der Bestellung und beim Versand

  2. Christoph Sturm (verified owner)

  3. Sonja Sadjed (verified owner)

  4. Monika Fischer (verified owner)

  5. Caroline Messner (verified owner)

  6. Martina Hense (verified owner)

    Sehr angenehm auf der Haut..Zieht schnell ein.

  7. Jochen Müller (verified owner)

  8. Susanne Herrmann (verified owner)

  9. Yvonne Langer (verified owner)

    Bin sehr zufrieden mit ihren Produkten.Habe bereits den Arnika Balsam meinenFreundinen zur
    Probe geschenkt.
    Langer Yvonne

  10. Sylvia Mayer (verified owner)

    Sehr angenehm bei gereizter Haut

  11. Paul Zettel (verified owner)

    Top Naturprodukt

  12. Albert Spausta (verified owner)

    wie seit Jahren gleichbleibende Qualitätsprodukte.

  13. Harald Bach (verified owner)

  14. Vlastislav Kaplan (verified owner)

  15. Albert Spausta (verified owner)

  16. isabelle siegwald (verified owner)

  17. Pia Geroldinger (verified owner)

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    wird noch getestet!

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  20. Sonja Sadjed (verified owner)

  21. Maria Orywal (verified owner)

  22. Claudia Risse (verified owner)

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  24. Olga Krieger (verified owner)

  25. Hans Frommenwiler (verified owner)

  26. Dan Molnar (verified owner)

    Sehr gut fur Geschicht.

  27. Martin Pehaim (verified owner)

    Gut gegen Verspannungen und Gelenksschmerzen

  28. Petra RUHSAM (verified owner)

    Hat bei Sonnenbrand gut gewirkt

  29. Jutta Skyba (verified owner)

    Bereits bei ringelblumen Salbe beschrieben

  30. Astrid Stocker (verified owner)

    Ideal bei strapazierter Haut!

  31. Yvonne Langer (verified owner)

    Bin sehr zufrieden mit den Produkten un d bin schon seit vielen Jahren Kundin bei Röck.
    Langer Yvonne

  32. Eckhard Jacobi (verified owner)

    sehr gut bei Verletzungen

  33. Matthias Greiner (verified owner)

  34. Josef Lechner (verified owner)

  35. Dan Molnar (verified owner)

    Sehr gut fur.

  36. Horst Pfeifer (verified owner)

    muss noch Erfahrungen sammeln

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  38. Peter van Sterkenburg (verified owner)

  39. Jakob Sailer (verified owner)


  40. Dagmar Wiendl (verified owner)

  41. Burkhard Kunisch (verified owner)

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  43. Eva – Marie Adam (verified owner)

    Kann ich nur weiter empfehlen,

  44. Jens Ullmann (verified owner)

  45. Karl Zellnig (verified owner)

  46. Eduard Krause (verified owner)

    Einfach nur gut.

  47. Margareta Freimüller (verified owner)

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