Latschenkiefer Hautbalsam

Original Röck Mountain Pine Skin Salve


Product contains: 100 ml




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Revitalises you after physical and mental exertion

The Original Röck Mountain Pine Skin Salve – with refreshing and skin-pampering mountain pine, lanolin and vaseline, plus other valuable ingredients – is especially prized by our customers who have dry, rough or chapped skin. A thin layer of salve can be applied wherever needed several times a day.

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Weight 245 g

23 reviews for Original Röck Latschenkiefer Hautsalbe

  1. isabelle SIEGWALD (verified owner)

  2. Hubert Litz (verified owner)

  3. Vincenzo Tomassi (verified owner)

    Ottimo prodotto, dal piacevole profumo. Efficace come da descrizione. Lo uso spesso per le mani sgretolare dal freddo.

  4. Christine Weißleder (verified owner)

    Sehr zu empfehlen

  5. Christine Köhl (verified owner)

    Diese Salbe ist sehr gut für raue Hautstellen!

  6. Änne Kruse (verified owner)

  7. Tom Frawley (verified owner)

    No more dry hands with a daily application of this, just leave it a few minutes to soak in and hands are soft and smooth again.

  8. Samo Pirjevec (verified owner)

  9. Alexander Hahn (verified owner)

  10. Cristina Arduini (verified owner)

    un ottimo prodotto , utile per un immediato sollievo di dolori soprattutto muscolari

  11. Hansjörg Engler (verified owner)

  12. Eckhard Jacobi (verified owner)

    endspandt die Füsse nach einen anstrengenden Tag

  13. Andreas Voit (verified owner)

  14. Johann Mitschey (verified owner)

    Sagt meiner Freundin sehr zu

  15. Karla Völker (verified owner)

  16. Doris Auer (verified owner)

    Angenehm und gut riechend.

  17. Matthias Greiner (verified owner)

    Nicht erhalten…!!!

  18. Matthias Greiner (verified owner)

  19. Jakob Sailer (verified owner)

    Dem Geruch nach super. Aber noch nicht ausprobiert.

  20. Alfred Ragoner (verified owner)

    Sehr gutes Produkt. Verwende es schon mehrere Jahre.

  21. Vincenzo Tomassi (verified owner)

    Ottimo prodotto per reidratare la pelle!

  22. Günther Dörflinger (verified owner)

  23. Karl Lugbauer (verified owner)

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