Alpenkräuter Salbe für beanspruchte Haut

Original Röck Alpine Herb Balm


Product contains: 50 ml



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After strenuous physical activity

Due to many misunderstandings regarding the ingredients of Eagle Salve, we have decided to rename it as Alpine Herb Balm. Only the design has been modified – the high-quality recipe remains unchanged!

Original Röck Alpine Herb Balm is a skincare product featuring high-quality herbal extracts. It is great for applying and rubbing into stressed skin areas. St. John's wort oil boosts the regeneration of sensitive skin. Calendula oil helps prevent dry and chapped skin.

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Weight 83 g

22 reviews for Original Röck Alpenkräuter Salbe

  1. Samo Pirjevec (verified owner)

  2. Jochen Müller (verified owner)

  3. Jennifer Isabella Frost (verified owner)

    Der Royal Royce vom Alpenraum!

  4. Theo Rennkamp (verified owner)

  5. Helmut Nigg (verified owner)

  6. Vlastislav Kaplan (verified owner)

  7. Johann Mitschey (verified owner)

    Gefällt meiner Freundin such gut. Angenehmes Gefühl

  8. Paola Bandiera Russo (verified owner)

  9. Claudia Weiskirchner (verified owner)

  10. Pia Geroldinger (verified owner)

  11. Marlies Smailus (verified owner)

  12. Alfred Weiss (verified owner)

  13. Georg Pritzer (verified owner)

    sehr angenehm auf der Haut

  14. Paul Randecker (verified owner)

  15. Gerald Wriessnegger (verified owner)

  16. CECILIA LOVATO (verified owner)

  17. Sylvia Mayer (verified owner)

    Immer parat

  18. Sonja Sadjed (verified owner)

  19. Claudia Baatz (verified owner)

    Sehr wirksam bei kleinen muskulären Verspannungen.

  20. Eveline Urban (verified owner)

  21. reinhard turner (verified owner)

    Super Produkt hilft bei allen Beschwerden. Verspannungen, Schwellungen und bei Muskelkater gleich gut. Super Salbe.

  22. Karl Zellnig (verified owner)

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