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Care to the power of three for harsh winter days

Original Röck Marmot Ointment (100 ml)

In the alpine mountain world, the marmot has always played an important role. Its fat is especially valued as a popular liniment due to its unique physical-chemical properties. According to centuries-old traditions, marmot ointment is a tried and tested household remedy for skin care. It is also suitable for applying and rubbing into stressed skin areas after physically strenuous activities and for short massages.

Original Röck Potato balm (100 ml)
Potato balm with natural potato starch and shea butter as well as natural sunflower oil, avocado oil and witch hazel extract. The potato has long been used as a traditional home remedy. To care for extremely stressed hands after work, farmers used to use the moisturising and nourishing juice of the raw potato. The alkaloid solanine contained in the potato supports the regeneration of the skin. The Original Röck Potato Balm is therefore the ideal care for chapped and dry hands and feet.

Original Röck Arnica Balm (50 ml)
The valuable Original Röck Arnica Balm is particularly suitable for dry and heavily stressed skin, for example after sunburn. It is also very well tolerated by older skin. The ointment can be applied several times a day in a thin layer to the desired parts of the body.

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