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The perfect gift package for skin and hair

Original Röck Marmot Ointment (100 ml)
In the alpine mountain world, the marmot has always played an important role. Its fat is especially valued as a popular liniment due to its unique physical-chemical properties. According to centuries-old traditions, marmot ointment is a tried and tested household remedy for skin care. It is also suitable for applying and rubbing into stressed skin areas after physically strenuous activities and for short massages.

Original Röck Care Shampoo (200 ml) (200 ml)
The Original Röck Care Shampoo with the optimised formula of natural silk protein, provitamin B5, aloe vera and the protective protein keratin cleanses the hair in a mild way, improves the hair structure and gives your hair fullness and silky shine. The conditioning shampoo can be applied evenly to damp hair and scalp daily. Rinse well with water afterwards. Suitable for all hair types.



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